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Dealing with bereavement is a complicated and sensitive process, our team of probate lawyers at Jobsons Solicitors have years of experience in compassionately helping individuals manoeuvre through the course of handling estates. We are based in the Stafford area and can help you deal with the intricacies of a loved one’s estate so the entire process is as simple as possible. We can help you acquire a Grant of Probate whether you are the executor or administrator of an estate, giving you the legal right to administer the contents of the will.

If you’re looking for a probate solicitor in Stafford for help and advice with regard to your legal proceedings then our sensitive and dedicated team are always more than happy to offer their expertise.

Probate Lawyer Staffordshire

Only when the probate is granted can the executor of an estate have access to the contents, there is a legal process in place where an individual must apply for and prove their rights to the estate of a deceased individual and a probate solicitor can be a great help in doing this. The executor of a will must apply to the Probate Office of the Supreme Court of Justice where they may be required to prove whether they are authorised to have access to the estate.

At Jobsons Solicitors our highly skilled and experienced team of probate lawyers in Staffordshire are more than qualified to help you in your pursuit of a Grant of Probate. If you’re in the Staffordshire area and would like to get in touch with our team, simply call 01785 711 568 for impartial help and advice.

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