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The death of a family member of loved one can be a particularly difficult time, and the often complex nature of dealing with their estate can make it all the more stressful. Probate, often known more simply as administering someone’s estate, is required to allow an executor of a person’s will to take control of their assets, accounts, estate and debts.

To be granted access to these assets, such as bank accounts, a Grant of Probate is the proof required, and we can help our clients throughout Wolverhampton and the Midlands with this process. Our specialist solicitors have years of experience dealing with wills and probates, and can help make the probate application as simple and stress free as possible.

Grant of Probate Wolverhampton

We have years of experience helping customers apply for probate in Wolverhampton, and can even handle estates ourselves; as experienced estate administrators we can deal with everything from the most simple estates through to those totalling millions in business assets. Whatever estate you have to deal with, we can help with the entire probate process.

If you’re a named executor of someone’s will, and need professional legal assistance in applying for a Grant of Probate in Wolverhampton then we here at Jobsons Solicitors can help. With years of experience dealing with personal finance matters such as wills, administering estates and inheritance tax, we’re the ideal for choice for helping with the probate process.

For more information, to book your consultation or just to find out more on how we can help you with your applications just call our office today on 01785 711 568 – our team will be more than happy to help.

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