• Company Sales & Purchases

    Tim has throughout his career specialised in business sales and purchases.  Most transactions have involved the sale of the shares in family companies, but clients have also included public companies, multi-nationals and entire groups.  Many buyers are from overseas.  These transactions always require an understanding of the Company business and close cooperation with you the business owners, their accountants and (on a sale) the brokers.  This involvement can start before the sale, with a legal due diligence check on your Company, and in the negotiations with Tim being involved in preparing or approving the Heads of Terms.

    Values of transactions may be anything from £50m down to as low as £100k.  Whatever the value, the necessary expertise is applied and each client is well looked after.

  • Company Re-structuring

    We work closely with company accountants in preparing the documentation required to re-organise companies.  This may involve splitting a trade from a main company, creating a holding company to protect the property and other assets, merging associated companies or splitting groups of companies into separate ownership by the shareholders.  We work closely with the accountants on tax and accounting issues and ensure that all Companies Act and contractual issues are complied with.

  • Supply Agreements

    Many of our clients are asked to enter into supply agreements, whether as supplier or customer.  Frequently the other party produces a contract which the client signed without checking, which can lead to disaster later.  It is always worthwhile to ensure that you have a properly prepared and approved supply agreement in place.  Tim has many years’ experience in dealing with supply agreements at a high level with public companies and government departments.